Montalva Solar Farm


The Montalva Solar Farm (“Montalva” or “Project”) is an innovative 320 MW DC and 160MW AC photovoltaic (“PV’) electricity generating solar facility with battery storage meeting all PREPA’s Minimum Technical Requirements (MTR’s) and Operating Procedures incorporating a  state-of-the-art software integrated SCADA plant controls system, a high DC/AC Ratio and “significantly” improved state-of-the-art smart solar field inverters planned for southwest Puerto Rico to be operated under a Power Purchase & Operating Agreement (”PPOA”) with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (“PREPA”).

Greenbriar Capital Corp, the project sponsor, is the owner of PBJL Energy Corporation, a Puerto Rico entity, who holds a Master Power Purchase & Operating Agreement (“PPOA”) for development of up to 100 MW of renewable solar energy (the “Master PPOA Agreement”). An 870-acre planned site for the Montalva Solar Facility is located in southwest Puerto Rico south of State Highway 116 in the Municipality of Guanica and Barrio of Montalva approximately 4 miles west of the city of Guanica and 3 miles west of the city of Ensenada, Puerto Rico.

The site location is shown in figures at the end of this Section. Approximately half of the site is located in the Municipality of Lajas, Puerto Rico. The Project is in an area having among the highest, if not the highest, solar insolation in Puerto Rico. Mayors of both municipality and other surrounding; municipalities endorse the Project and the Mayors of Guanica and Lajas have provided letters of support.


Jeff Ciachurski, CEO

Cliff Webb, President

Bill Sutherland, Director

Tom Emmons, Advisor

Daniel Galan Kercado, President Greenbriar Puerto Rico


Montalva is being developed under a 100 MW Master Renewable Power Purchase and Operating Agreement (PPOA) between PBJL Energy Corporation (“PBJL”) and Puerto Rico’s sole electric utility Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (“PREPA”). PBJL is a Puerto Rican corporation  and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Greenbriar, LLC which in turn is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Greenbriar Capital Corp.  Montalva is being developed to satisfy the requirements of the Puerto Rican  Renewable Portfolio Standard established by Act 82 of 2010 which, in furtherance of the goal of supplementing the Island’’s reliance on conventional fossil fuels transported by ship, requires PREPA to achieve 12% of renewable energy production by 2015 and 20% by 2020. In addition, PREPA is relying on renewable generation to meet EPA requirements for the reduction of emissions of mercury, sulfur dioxide and greenhouse gases.


The Montalva Project consists of a solar field using commercially available state-of-the-art. Tier 1 PV panels rated at approximately 440 watts DC at 1000 volts and 21% efficiency. The Project will additionally incorporate battery storage and will be optimized using either a fixed-tilt panel configuration, single-axis tracking or a combination with fixed tilt on the perimeter of the solar field providing protection of the tracking systems. Preliminary optimization of project has indicated a 2.00:1 DC to AC ratio will provide the optimum design resulting in a project size of 320 MW DC. In addition, the project will incorporate a state-of-the-art SCADA facility control system, smart inverters, step-up transformers, combiner boxes, DC & AC cabling, collector substation, switchgear, circuit protection devices, substation step-up transformer, interconnection switchyard and associated equipment.

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