Greenbriar Capital Corp Engages Expert Builder to Develop its California Real Estate

June 4, 2018

June 4, 2018 - Greenbriar Capital Corp (the “Company”) is please to announce that it has engaged the consulting services of Co-Create Living, Inc. and its founder Stuart Nacht. Stuart has over 40 years of construction and development experience and has owned or managed real estate development from inception to completion. These activities include land acquisition, entitlement, product development, financing, construction, marketing and sales. Stuart has built over 3,500 units across the Western US and Canada.

Greenbriar's mission is to develop, build and sell over 1,000 units of residential townhomes on Greenbriar's existing southern 132-acre tract, which already received prior approval for a previous owner for 688 units. Stuart will be developing a new Tract Plan, a new Marketing Study and working very close to City Staff in order to satisfy the housing needs of the 31,000 high paying jobs that are located very close to our subdivision. Once fully built out, the property will yield over $260 Million in gross sales. The following are the highlights of the Greenbriar housing project:

  • California is faced with a severe housing shortage. There is a housing shortage in nearly all cities and counties in California. 97.6% are failing to approve the housing needed to keep pace with population growth
  • More than 500 cities and counties are not on track to meet guidelines for the development of market rate housing, new affordable housing, or both 
  • The contrast in home and rental prices between California and the rest of the nation is stark. Median home prices are about double the national mark, and rents are 50 per cent higher 

Newly enacted California law requires all new residences to have solar panel roofs and Greenbriar will satisfy this requirement through its solar division. Greenbriar will also offer its smart glass products as an option. We are looking forward to working with Stuart and other potential partners to take this all the way to final completion.

About Greenbriar Capital Corp:

A leading developer of renewable energy, sustainable real estate and smart energy products. With long-term, high impact, contracted sales agreements in key project locations and led by a successful industry-recognized operating and development team, Greenbriar targets deep valued assets directed at accretive shareholder value.


Jeffrey J. Ciachurski
Chief Executive Officer and Director

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