Greenbriar Capital Corp. Announces Acquisition of Smart Glass Company

July 18, 2017

July 18, 2017 Vancouver, British Columbia. Greenbriar Capital Corp ("Greenbriar") is pleased to announce that it has entered into an arrangement to acquire, subject to regulatory approval, the shares of an arm's length Ontario based private company which holds the exclusive Canadian sales, distribution and marketing rights for the entire suite of game-changing Smart Glass energy products, developed and built by Gauzy of TelAviv, Israel. Gauzy is an award-winning world leader in Smart Glass technology, manufacturing a complete product line of liquid crystal glass (LCG) products for worldwide use. In addition, Greenbriar will be entitled to sell the products into any other country of the world if the sales are being made to a subsidiary of an entity which has its principal place of business or head office located within Canada.

Gauzy embeds technology into glass, offering varying degrees of opacity for privacy or projection when needed, or transparency for an open atmosphere when desired. In the real estate, building, retail, construction or auto industries, Gauzy glass can be installed in homes, office buildings, hospitals, apartments, universities, schools, hotels, trucks and autos.

Gauzy is the first Smart Glass company to install privacy “blinds” in 80 guestrooms in a luxury hotel. The blinds, with a feature actually created within the glass, return to clear with a simple touch. This process eliminates the need for traditional blinds and curtains. In addition, Gauzy windows have the unique advantage to change from clear to opaque, and back, instantaneously, or any degree of opacity in between. This breakthrough in speed, beats the competition which can take 10 to 15 minutes to change opacity. Eliminating the sun’s glare instantly with a touch, drastically helps to reduce carbon footprint by lowering the demand for air conditioning caused by the sun’s thermal rays.

In addition, the United States Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory determined that Smart Glass products in the tint mode can reduce air conditioning consumption in a typical building by up to 49% and lower peak electricity demand by up to 16%. This is transformational energy conservation.

Gauzy’s innovative approach has attracted the attention of the automobile industry, particularly Daimler, the maker of Mercedes Benz automobiles. Daimler chose Gauzy to take part in its product accelerator program. Gauzy was one of only a dozen companies chosen among three hundred who competed. Gauzy-made automobile windows can now project HD quality images while the Daimler-made car is not operating, displaying local advertising or public service announcements. When the engine starts, the images can disappear, and the window becomes instantaneously clear, or the window can continue to remain opaque, allowing passenger privacy.

The Smart Glass business is one of the fastest growing product sectors in the construction and automobile industry. According to a Market & Markets research study, the global market for Smart Glass will exceed $8.13 Billion USD by 2022; at a 19.2% annual growth rate.

The contemplated transaction involves purchasing all of the issued and outstanding shares of 2587344 Ontario Inc. for 2.5 million common shares of Greenbriar at a deemed value of $0.85 per share. There will be a six (6) month restriction period from trading the shares. The acquisition will amount to less than 13% of the post-closing diluted issued and outstanding share capital of the Company. Management believes the acquisition will complement the Company's real estate and renewable energy business portfolio and build on the Company's reputation as a clean tech energy enterprise. In 2014, the Company was recognized as one of the Top 50 TSX Venture Exchange issuers in the Clean Tech segment, coming in at number two (2). There is no finder's fee payable.

Greenbriar Capital CEO Jeff Ciachurski states, “We are delighted to partner with an innovative game changing leader like Gauzy. The Smart Glass market is experiencing explosive growth and we expect Gauzy to bring a whole new visual experience to Canadians. We believe that the many obvious visual and cost-saving elements of this technology should allow Gauzy Smart Glass to aggressively compete with traditional clear glass.”

About Gauzy

For a visual presentation of the many ways Gauzy has created Liquid Crystal Glass for all of us to use, go to:

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Greenbriar Capital Corp is a leading developer of renewable energy and sustainable real estate projects. With long term, high impact, contracted renewable energy sales agreements in key project locations led by a successful industry recognized operating and development team, Greenbriar targets deep value assets directed at accretive shareholder value.

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Jeffrey J. Ciachurski

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